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Changing the world through Transformative Thinking

At Herrmann International Asia, we come to work every day because we want to help organisations adapt to today’s technological advances and economic changes through Transformative Thinking.

We deliver proven, highly validated tools and systems that increase Thinking Agility™ and diversity so that you can achieve higher levels of performance. Our practical, easy-to-apply programs and methods help you achieve success in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Because thinking influences everything you do, you must understand your thinking to apply it for better productivity, communication, collaboration, and innovation.

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Our History

A history of innovation in business

Ned Herrmann, founder of Herrmann International and originator of Whole Brain® Thinking, first pioneered the study of the brain in the field of business while in charge of Management Education at General Electric Corporation’s world-class corporate university, Crotonville. He published his initial research as a two-part series in T+D Magazine in 1981-1982 (The Creative Brain, Parts I & II).

His first widely acclaimed book, ‘The Creative Brain’, traced the scientific and historical roots of his innovative Whole Brain® Thinking approach. In 1995, his groundbreaking ‘The Whole Brain® Business Book’ (McGraw Hill) created a new benchmark in thinking styles research specifically as it applies to critical business areas such as leadership, productivity, sales and teamwork.

The pioneering work, research and spirit of Ned Herrmann continue to drive the company three decades later. Ned viewed the Whole Brain® Model as metaphor for an organising principle of how the brain works, and as clients and practitioners around the world demonstrate every day, the exponential applications of one simple model have created a system that can improve virtually all aspects of individual and organisational performance.

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Magdalene Sik

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Joy Sunansa

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