Whole Brain® Manager

Applying Whole Brain® Thinking to key management competencies

The Whole Brain® Manager program is a modular program for reinforcing and advancing key management skills through the lens of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Our clients use this program to integrate Whole Brain® Thinking concepts into their broader management development initiatives.

Learning Sections

Each section is designed to stand alone or be delivered as part of the full program.

  1. Management Fundamentals: Think. Communicate. Build.
  2. Management Functions: Implement. Solve. Decide.
  3. Managing People: Recognize. Coach. Relate.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of themselves and others, as well as the ways they can optimize productivity through agile thinking and communication.
  • Apply the Whole Brain® Model to problem solving, decision making, delegation, workflow alignment and other key management functions.
  • Use a Whole Brain® approach to lead, develop and coach diverse work groups and work effectively with internal and external customers.

Speak to a Whole Brain® Strategist to see if this module is right for you.